Saturday, August 27, 2016


Today, Saturday, began as no proper Saturday should, with our final trip for the nasopharyngeal swab and ended somewhere right about perfect. T woke up hungry, which was awful because had to be fasting for the test. He rummaged through my bag looking for food which was heartbreaking. Both Ben and our guide explained to him that we would be feeding him and so he seemed to calm, at least until we reached the clinic which of course he recognized. Fortunately, once we reached the clinic the actual test was over quickly. After a better-than-the-day before breakfast (he is 2 in every sense and yells "boo Yao" if we approach with a less than desired food offering, we set out tour a nearby museum that we actually also visited with Serena. Walking through, all I could remember was feeling trepidation; I was carrying her in the Ergo and kept waiting for her to protest and reach for Ben. In mighty contrast, I pushed T in the stroller and we kissed at each other and played peekaboo the whole way through. Both times, Ben geeked out on the Chinese relics and completely missed out on any attachment drama :) after naps and lunch we headed to the pool which is really lovely; I snuck in a few laps before the rest of the family joined and T made big strides! He sat on the edge for a long while, splashing with his feet, and with the help of a bath toy from another adoptive family, he made his way to splashing around in my arms. Joy! 
Tonight we strolled through a local park and enjoyed the night life energy.  We had dinner at a surreal little place right on a lake. We'll have to tell you about it in person. It was wonderful to enjoy good food outside while the kids scarfed their noodles/soup. T demands to feed himself (and we let him- may be the only thing he can control right now) so it takes ages and we take advantage.  There was even a cool breeze in the air and we encountered street karaoke on the walk back to our Guangzhou home, surrounded by others out walking, bicycles rushing by. I'll try to upload pictures but blogger is very very slow here. 

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