Wednesday, December 13, 2006

May I commend to your attention . . .

Well, we had Thanksgiving. And it was good. Brandy cooked a masterful dinner, her family came to call, and Ben feverishly wrote papers between helpings of Turkey.

We consumed; we overconsumed; we reapt the consequences.

With the last of the Turkey bones fed to the pooch, it was time to ready our home for its first Utterian Christmas. Very cozy indeed.

We're in full American Holiday mode--visions of sugarplums and fancy bike accessories are a'dance in me head.

Last week, after a medical conference in Ashville (and a stay at a very nice Bed & Breakfast that Brandy wants to buy) . . .

. . . we headed down a'Little Rock way for early Christmas festivities with clans Ussery, Fankhauser, Utter, and Lumpkin. We tasted of the hospitality of each house, and had a grand time, which we sincerely hope was shared by all.

Babies Silas and Eleanor received baby type stuff, and Joel received his annual drubbing at MarioKart 64. See ya, Sukka'!
(Joel is bound to protest that, in fact, HE administered the drubbing. You, gentle reader, are under no compulsion whatsoever to believe him).

Our excellent friends Melody and Matt Lumpkin, mommy* and chaplain extraordinarire, respectively, not only did us the great kindness of putting up with putting us up for a recent overnight in Little Rock, but are also contributing to this site, which features daily meditations on the Advent.

Tell 'em Ben sent you, or just quietly start your day by sipping slowly on what they have to say.

*of Eleanor, seen here regarding her Chinese flag blanky with an affection that suggests she has never actually wrapped herself in that government's parenting warmth.