Sunday, October 21, 2012


Crunchy leaves! Crisp air! One last firepit night! Election Madness! Marathon (okay that was last year)! Another year older! It must be October. This year October is simply viewed as "THE MONTH IN THE WAY OF NOVEMBER," which is, fingers crossed, the month we will meet our newest family member. I am preparing; making applesauce for the first time, organizing toys, gathering sage wisdom from real life and blog land, praying.
We have had little golden snippets of updates; her nickname is Hong Hong. She speaks/understands both Mandarin and Cantonese, she likes crackers and has 3 older foster siblings. 
I imagine all possible scenarios of meeting her; the one I believe most likely involves us sitting on the floor, bubbles and crackers in hand; her shyly looking all around, not sure why she is being pushed away from the only family she has ever known to these pasty white strangers with goofy grins and tears. Eventually she is left with us and while we understand if she bolts towards the door, ready to leave, we hope this will be temporary and that she will succumb to our love, or at the very least our puffs.