Thursday, December 18, 2008


We've been gone for a little while. Since our last post much has taken place. And now that I'm sick and don't feel like moving far from the couch, it's a good time to play catch up. For starters, we have a new beagle puppy, Ramona Quimby Utter. See below. This is face she made when I told her she wasn't getting any Christmas Cookies. Ben celebrated his 29th birthday last Sunday after a whirlwind weekend in Minnesota saying goodbye to his beloved Grandma Rosell. He also finished up his first full semester as adjunct professor at 2 local community colleges. It's exhausting work but his students seem to dig him. What else has happened since our last post?? Barack Obama won. I have a new running partner. And LOTS of people have had babies! I hope to keep up the blog here and there.

Advent Celebration at the Winters. All the delights of the season including carols and flaming figgy pudding straight out of "A Christmas Carol."