Monday, January 07, 2013


Dear Daughter,

First of all, it's wonderful to just write that.

But beyond that, I wanted to tell you on this 6 week mark of our relationship, I am completely amazed by you. You have met 80+ friends and relatives over the last 4 weeks, traveled 29 hours to and from Arkansas in a car seat. A car seat that was new to you, like every other aspect of your life, just 4 weeks ago. You shared (mostly) your toys with cousins and slept in 3 different rooms. You consumed traditional holiday fare, Indian food, Thai food, and Nepalese food. You were strapped into a stroller in sub 30 degree temperatures (something you've never experienced) and stayed in it for beagle walks, sometimes strolling over rather large snow drifts. You've endured two trips to the phlebotomist with 3+ pokes each time and you have no idea why.

All this, and you request kisses from this mama at night. You fold your hands to pray. And you've said both please and thank you without prompting.

I am blown away. I am proud. I am humbled. You are amazing.